Yi-Chin Chen Illustration

Yichin Chen is a Taiwanese multi-disciplinary visual creator based in Brooklyn, New York.

Her works are recognized by American Illustration, The Society of Illustrators, Communication Arts, and more. With her experiences specialized in editorial and graphic design, she also worked with a Financial Times company, Money Media, and collaborated with Unison Media on designs for classical artists.

Featured by It's Nice That, Creative Boom, and PRINT Magazine, Yichin's creations are deeply rooted in her passion for fortune-telling, astrology, dollhouses, social observations, and (of course) good memes.

What the universe says about Yichin through the stars.


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Diggin is a card game for two to eight players. Players will explore the secret underground tunnels in New York City by placing drawn path cards, and the goal is to find the hidden NY pizzas. In search of pizza, the rats, mountains of trashes and endless ongoing constructions will block players' path, and it will be the time for players to work together and try to get more pizzas for their teams as they can.

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